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Training our Area Champions

On Thursday 6th September volunteers from Ledsham, Capenhurst, Shotwick, Woodbank, Puddington, Burton and Ness are giving up an evening to undertake training alongside the steering group. The training will be …

A huge thanks to everyone

Our Public Meeting at Gordale on 9th July was extremely well attended and an estimated 130 people filled the Cafe despite the hot weather! Simon Birney from B4RN Cheshire introduced …

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About Us

B4RN Cheshire

Last year, CheshireHyperfast was set up locally after it was clear that we, and many other people in our area, were dissatisfied with their broadband provision with little prospect of the situation improving in the near future.

We looked at many ways to address the problem but there was really only one approach that stood head and shoulders above the rest – Broadband for the Rural North or B4RN.

B4RN started as a community project in rural Lancashire with just a couple of parishes. They built a very very high speed pure fibre optic network from scratch with the help of local volunteers, landowners and investors. Very quickly though, communities on the edge of the coverage area also wanted the service. So, each community formed a group, raised investment, persuaded landowners and recruited volunteers to build their own new piece of the B4RN network.

The attraction of B4RN’s high quality, high speed and affordable network has resulted in rapid expansion and given rural dwellers access to broadband that is the envy of most city dwellers.

Up until recently, expansion of the B4RN network has always occurred in this ‘organic’ manner and the B4RN network now covers a huge area in Lancashire extending into Yorkshire and Cumbria.

After much negotiating with B4RN, and after a successful public meeting in Burton last October. we are now officially a B4RN community project

As a consequence, our name has changed to B4RN Cheshire emphasising we are very much part of B4RN and trailblazing their community principles here in Cheshire.

We, along with B4RN East Anglia, are the first truly remote B4RN coverage areas. As such, we will likely be the focus for surrounding local communities wanting to join B4RN and will eventually have our own permanent staff, much like B4RN in Lancashire in fact.

So, if you are interested in subscribing… or investing… or volunteering… or giving permission to cross your land… or any combination, then register now!

(Registering puts you under no obligation and we won’t disclose your details to anyone else.)