The Big Dig starts

MP joins villagers as they dig their way towards faster broadband

Determined villagers are celebrating the start of months-long digging work to deliver
a superfast broadband network to their remote homes.
Frustrated over a lack of access to fibre optic internet connections, a small group of
volunteers from Puddington, Burton and Capenhurst in West Cheshire took matters
into their own hands and set about developing their own network to meet their

They enlisted the help of experienced rural broadband provider Broadband for the
Rural North Ltd (B4RN) and within weeks had a whole army of local residents willing
to offer their support.

The project, B4RN Cheshire, which extends to a geographical area of some 12
square miles and incorporates the villages of Puddington, Burton, Capenhurst,
Shotwick, Ness, Two Mills, Wood Bank and Ledsham, will see individual
householders hooked up to the world’s fastest rural broadband network, receiving
speeds of up to 1000Mbps. Currently, most villagers are receiving less than 10Mbps.
Much of the trench-digging and the laying of cables will be delivered by local
landowners and farmers, making it a fun, community-spirited project.

The official “Dig for a Gig” got underway on farmland in Puddington on Saturday
March 3rd, attended by more than 50 villagers and Chester MP Chris Matheson
who is publicly supporting the campaign.

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